Sunday, May 10, 2015

Screenwriters' workshop i dissed unpublished

Shot 1
We the no-ah-came-rallied ledge-is-later are suddenly born with a cyclopean or, rather, rectangular eye so lividly sweaty that tears have been accumulating (asymmetrically) in both lower ends sooner than our executive lid can tighten us square to squelch its share…an action immediately followed by a few eyelashes lolling down to deposit themselves on our square-jawed gaze while some among them break free into this spiel and the rest ‘recoil’ arboreal leaving spiel astir…only for us spielers getting our rectangular ‘nightie’ – complete with arboreal hem – canted back on rather than away (just as fully nether-dimmed now as outwardly speckled before) even if we’re not thus perceiving lateral subsidence alongside ocular squat. Adequately decanted, all us well-heeled squatters soon find our imperative lid sag wide open like a protuberant chin’s metallurgic twin, which tails south-most of our promptly apparent ground-ward fall until impacting hay consequently tossed up on our seconds ago unlashed grope…an oracular masochism disrupted once those hay-strands initiate scars-letting-humor-loose [proportionately big & small gray pin-prints expanding from their respective ‘touchdowns’ whence these start resembling dermal circumferences of already desiccated graze-worthy ‘op-err-ants’: each hay-strand contorting as if being pinched inwards precisely correspondent to proffered funnels beyond every ‘touchdown’; those hay-strands hence fragmenting courtesy heretofore acupuncture-anointed funnels smattered beneath our executively fluttering drapes yet across surface area remaining bare till imperatively paralytic shovel].

Shot 2
But since we can’t perceive the humorous inner linings of even this now virtually lidless eye, its palpably haywire receptors begin stimulating an ungrammatical hallucination, involving our self in meaningfully overlapping enunciations.  
        “Cantão cantã livre ‘=’ καντόνι τραγουδά δωρεάν.” 
[DgUURvqu~ DgUUN+~vu~ Y+bhfObZ \\// DgkUnks¡fu+ =kXkkswn~+t+k                                                       n+~t+kW,Zvku~+ADqvk³~p+ksw
                       eqDr xkrhA 
We start listening to “Can” vocally breathing throughout our rectilinear jigging back and forth its thus encapsulated coordinates.

Shot 3
Q+hUvqVSi~ [“the set of observable characteristics of an individual resulting from the interaction of its genotype with the environment”]

                                 DABBLER IN SILENCE