Monday, March 1, 2010

27/12/08 [SMS]

Among our co-passengers in this compartment of this coach is a man who has a hunched back. I mean hunched as in a physical deformity. Or physiological deformity. Or physiognomic deformity?
Like several more people sitting on the floor, the man was sitting on his haunches. My rough estimate is that his back was towards one corner of a corridor-facing side of one seat in that compartment of our's. More clearly put, the man was sitting in the corridor. Behind him was a woman: holding her infant child; sitting on the other corner of the seat I mentioned. During the only stretch of time that I looked at the man, the mother pulled or unzipped a sweater off her infant. Part of the sweater ended on top of the man's hunchback. On seeing this I easily made myself feel sorry about his plight:- 'here is he, unable to remove this intrusion/encroachment; here he is, too tired to...; here he is, hesitant/afraid to...; here is he, too tired+afraid to...! Such a bad feeling it must be to have a hunchback!' Probably that is why I recall seeing the man's hunchback as outlined by the shawl. Me making me feel sorry for him is what the above quote probably arose from. In which case the stream of thoughts/feelings contained by the quote is a creation of my writing. It is an exact recollection of my then stream of thoughts/feelings.

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