Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Talkie's pow-jag legalese around omissions since pre-production

5th March 2014
Tom Bombadil is Old Man Willow's syllabic vane.

10th March 2014
Pestered-regal-grin, as gossiped about by Minas Tirith's residents & defendants, once 'pipes a pin' back at one cocky human boy.

months afterwards
George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice & Fire novels via the HBO-distributed Game of Thrones, despite British inspirations professed by the novelist (plus Afro-Eurasian philology briefly mapped by Dutch actress Carice van Houten), can be cataloged under American History 'Rewritten'...with the scholastic blurb: "North of the Wall" are fatally irradiated Arctic 'Soviets' of "Wights aka White Walkers" and recently deadened humans; on the marginally warmer side "of the Wall" are more categorically anti-slavery northern Americans e.g. the more optimistically polytheistic "Northern Lord" enacted by English actor Sean Bean chasing away a subordinate knight for selling 'enslaved' humans (native to continent "Westeros"? migrating from continents "Essos" \"Pentos"\"Bravos"?); south-most off "the Wall" are more categorically pro-slavery southern Americans e.g. the 'less faithfully paradisaical' warm weather across "King's Landing"; and finally we have a dragon-blooded "Breaker of Chains" declaring that the slave-masters of eastern continent "Essos" et cetera "can either learn to live in this New World of mine or die in that Old World of theirs".

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