Sunday, June 13, 2010

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty available July 27 onwards!

An advertisement of the video game Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty has been telecast recently in USA. It is constituted mainly by bits of pre-rendered cinematics, making it very attractive. Furthermore, one of the bits is in slow motion. But that is all by the way. What I want to describe is the background music of the advertisement, which is absolutely devoid of ambient sound. Two long swipes are made as successful attempts at generating awe but unsuccessful attempts at generating dread. The first swipe's conclusion is in synchrony with a visual as well as auditory/aural boom. After the second swipe begins a different but again unsuccessful attempt at generating dread, synchronised at one point of its duration with an extremely brief visual cum aural slice/slash and at another point of its duration with a slightly less brief visual cum aural clicking shut. A visual cum aural storm then becomes the dominator. A short time later, a visual cum aural smash replaces the storm. Many brief aural smashes are then delivered at a high frequency, and an aurally-storm-like but unsuccessful attempt at generating dread happens in synchrony with them. The advertisement's display of the video game's title before its release date concludes with three brief aural booms. By the way, the description of the Zerg recently added to the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty page on wikipedia is more accurate than the description created by the game's developers: "the Zerg, a race of insectoid genetic assimilators" in stead of "the voracious Zerg". I too once wrote an accurate description of the Zerg: I do not consider the Zerg atrocity committers or evil because "they have been governed for almost the entire duration of their existence by a single consciousness that constantly wants to assimilate previously unassimilated genetic material". But I also called them a collection of many distinct species rather than a race, while calling the Protoss and the Terran two distinct species. I mean I did not call any of the three groupings a race. And the description of the Terran added at probably the same time to the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty page on wikipedia also is accurate: "human exiles from Earth". I add now that the Terran are humans living in a "planetary sector" different from the one in which Earth exists.

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