Thursday, June 24, 2010

Heart warming/Enjoyable music

The fiction series Scrubs, seen+heard by me on Star World India, plays a piece of music during the introductionary sequence and sometimes at the start of a break and sometimes at the end of a break. That piece of music is heart warming. Or it is enjoyable. Or I have danced to it and thus expressed my enjoyment as well as showcased my dancing skills. Do you know the piece of music I am talking about? During the introductionary sequence, it is played between the first and second utterance of the lyric "I'm no superman". And when the start or end of a break is being announced, it is played before the only utterance of "I'm no superman".


  1. a way, yes. Connotes a Yankee gathering deep in the mountains by a camp fire, marshmellows, ghsot stories, et al. Certainly enjoyable.

  2. He he he he! Yeah the music track certainly belongs to a USA fiction series. So you made an arguable point about the gathering being of Yankees.