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The Twilight Saga novels and films

#Edward is brave in the films, almost getting killed due to his bravery in the second film. But his bravery was emphasised by presenting his mind reading ability as temporarily not working. The novels emphasise his disgust of vampirism and consequent love of/for Bella while never bringing him near his death, though he is definitely not afraid to fight in the novels. Jacob and the other shapeshifters are brave in the novels as well as films, thought it can be said all of them are simply not afraid to fight vampires but prefer to avoid fighting each other and harming those on whom members of their pack have imprinted.
#The fourth novel presents the smell of Bella's human-vampire daughter as being a combination of "the most beautiful perfume and the most delicious food" but does not compare its beautiful aspect to the smell emanated by any other vampire. Nor does the fourth novel rank its beautiful aspect among all the vampire smells in the world. However, that is rationally acceptable because some vampires are in love with each other and thus may not be thinking even twice about the smell of any vampire they do not love...unless it is a matter of survival or victory.
#The last sentence of the fourth novel is perfectly what was required as the conclusion of the novel series.
#Alice and Edward do not get into a fight with any member of the Volturi in the novels, whereas the second film shows them both subdued by members of the Volturi -Alice easily and Edward after a short struggle. As I pinpointed earlier in Edward's case, I now pinpoint that this presents Alice's future predicting ability as temporarily not working.
#I was thinking earlier that Bella's delivery of her human-vampire baby would be a unique scene in The Twilight Saga film series because Kristen Stewart would be screaming at some point(s) in it, but I recently saw+heard her scream in the films Twilight and New Moon. So nothing new to be expected in the cinematic version of Breaking Dawn on that front. Yet I am still interested in watching+hearing it because Kristen Stewart may portray vampire wrath in it very effectively.
#Each shot in the film series is either a lone sentence or part of a sequence which is a sentence or both loner and part. This is a prediction about the upcoming film Eclipse and the two films to be made out of the fourth novel Breaking Dawn, based on my experience of the first and second films.
#One advertisement of the film Eclipse made me realise that, though not absolutely clarified in the novels, vampires can jump further than shapeshifters.
#I had cast Chris Bauer in my imagination as the actor to play the role of the main character's father Charlie, but Billy Burke was cast instead in the actual films Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse.
#Showing the cast members of the film Twilight along with their names in the end credits was a decision which had an anti-climactic impact on me. But it did seem a nice gesture. And having to hear various sets of lyrics being sung while shots of vibrating water faded into one another behind the rolling of the crew credits was boring. The end credits of the film New Moon were more conventional, though I did not get see all of them and hear all the music tracks synchronised with them.
#Vampires are supposed to always seem attractive to humans in the novels. But most vampires are described as white (i.e. light skinned) in the novels. The films, on the other hand, failed to make me consider even one vampire attractive. So the films are less racist or colour biased than the novels. By the way, Emmett is presented as strong-looking rather than attractive in the novels as well as films.
#Vampire smells are considered "sickly sweet" by shapeshifters in the novels but the smell of Bella's human-vampire daughter is liked by at least Jacob because it is beautiful and delicious in equal measure for vampires and thus not disgusting for any shapeshifter.
#In the film Twilight, Alice seems to twist and break James's neck but is not revealed as having been sought by James for her blood when she was human. So the films avoid ranking the deliciousness of Alice's blood above that of Bella's blood. And blood does not seem to run within vampire bodies in the novels but is definitely absent from the insides of a vampire who wants to die and is killed by the Volturi in the second film.
#Edward is a mind reader as well as the fastest member of the Cullen family in the novels, which made me rank him alongside James. Emmett is the strongest member of the Cullen family in the novels, but he is never put into a fight with any member of the Volturi by the novels.
#Vampire snarls and roars are absent from at least the first and second films, though Edward does snarl or roar a bit with his mouth shut in the first film. And shapeshifters are able to neither snarl nor roar when human in the novels as well as films.
#James, Victoria and Laurent are barefeet in the first novel. Bella is barefeet according to one future vision in the second film of her as a vampire. This lack of the need for footwear is explained in the novels a consequence of vampires being rock hard. Shapeshifters are almost as hard, as established in the novels when Bella breaks her hand on punching Jacob and when Jacob breaks a branch off a tree on hitting it with his bare hand and when Edward breaks Jacob's hand on shoving it out of his way.
#Many of the music tracks used by the first film became a hit before the film's release, which is why many people became fans of the film and some of these fans became fans of the entire film series even before its subsequent installments were released. I detest this method of garnering attention, even if it was unintended by the director Catherine Hardwicke.
#The rules formulated by Stephenie Meyer regarding Bella's shielding ability are flawed. Edward can't read Bella's mind, Jane can't create an illusion of pain in Bella and Alec can't deprive Bella of her senses. But Jasper can create positive emotional changes in Bella. If my memory is serving me correctly, Stephenie Meyer categorized Jasper's emotional manipulation with Alice's future prediction. So perhaps I am wrong in calling the rules flawed.
#Stephenie Meyer has employed many cliches to keep readers engaged in The Twilight Saga novels. Her plotting has also avoided making many possibilities occur. Edward and Jacob want to kill each other many times, but a full fledged fight never breaks out between them. A fight between those arguing in favor of letting Renesmee live and the Volturi is also avoided. It is clear that if Caius had been killed in the fight that he almost lost to a true werewolf, he would probably never have featured in the plot and a distinction between humans able to transform into impossibly big wolves at will and "Children of the Moon" may not have been made. Jacob breaking away from Sam's pack and some members of it joining him to form his own pack prevented an attack on the Cullens by Sam's pack. Jacob's heart is broken by Bella but is eventually made anew when he imprints on her vampire-human daughter. Edward has sex with a human Bella while avoiding killing her, and the plot eventually rewards him for this by making a vampire Bella have sex with him. Jacob administers a cut on an angry Paul's skin in the novel New Moon and thus ends his fight with him but dissolves Paul's anger in the novel Eclipse simply by giving him the last hot dog. The shapeshifters are eager to protect humans from vampires but also want to avoid getting members of their pack killed or even hurt, so the two packs formed in the novel Breaking Dawn remain poised to fight the Volturi but seem relieved when the latter leave Forks.
#Light skinned/White vampires are presented in the novels and films as paler than light skinned/white humans. But the novels don't present dark skinned/black vampires as paler than dark skinned/black humans. And the films don't try to deal with this anomaly.
#Some shapeshifters at some points in the novels project aggressiveness towards some vampires but don't have a strategy in mind to successfully prove the menace of their threatening growls and snarls. Leah in wolf form snarled at vampire Bella when the latter was verbally expressing her anger towards Jacob but did not try biting and pushing back the latter when she lunged for Jacob's throat.
#At least 1 visual in either the first or the second Breaking Dawn film will become iconic. That visual will be a baby sucking the nipple of a baby feeding bottle that is filled with a red rather than white liquid. In other words, the visual will be a baby drinking blood rather than milk.
#One visual in the film New Moon scared me, partly due to the music in synchrony with it. The visual is a orange haired figure rapidly nearing our and a drowning human Bella's sight. In other words, Victoria had sensed Bella and was thus swimming towards her. This incident has now made me wonder whether vampires are able to perceive smells of creatures in water when the vampires themselves are under water...according to The Twilight Saga, of course.
#The most prominent aspect of The Twilight Saga is the romance. Edward and Bella fall in love, then Jacob and Bella fall in love though Bella loves Edward more than she loves Jacob, then Jacob's love for Bella ends, then Jacob and Renesmee become soul mates, then Bella's love for Jacob ends. So I consider my father's description of the The Twilight Saga novels appropriate for the films as well. He called The Twilight Saga novels "a love story in a strange setting".
#Jacob never dwells on the fact that it would be impossible for him or any other shapeshifter to kill Edward alone. Jacob believes killing Edward despite the latter's mind reading ability is possible even without a coordinated group effort. This is perhaps because most shapeshifters are hot blooded in most violent situations and most situations with violent potential.
#Vampires easily kill mountain lions and bears. Shapeshifters are not as strong, though Bella's humanly erratic/inconsistent narrative avoids stating this.
#Shapeshifters have a high threshold of pain because they cringe from neither getting hurt nor the process of healing once hurt. But once some bits of a vampire have been ripped away from his or her body, he or she may not be able to muster the will to continue fighting. Come to think of it, neither would a shapeshifter. And vampires join their bits back to their body, whereas shapeshifters probably can't. The novels and films have simply avoided mentioning these things. So I take back my argument that shapeshifters have a higher threshold of pain than vampires.
#Edward being stopped short by the illusion of pain created in him by Jane is a great visual presented by the film New Moon. I call it a great visual because Edward literally vibrates rooted to one spot. And the visual seems to have been crafted by either the actor Robert Pattinson alone or Pattinson in combination with special effects.

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