Friday, May 14, 2010


The makers of the Nahin samne tu sequence fooled me when I saw+heard the Bollywood film Taal, at least when I saw+heard it the first time. The hero of the film is focused on in the sequence. He is supposedly singing in the sequence, or at least his mind has supposedly been expressed by a voice that the hero does not possess. He is intermittently accompanied in this expression of his mind by professional skaters and dancers. I remember thinking of him as very skilled. In what was not consciously known to me, but skilled enough to deserve being accompanied by those skilled in dancing and skating. Silly silly me. The hero does not stretch his body as much as the professional dancers because he is very skilled at dancing as an expression of his mind! The hero drives a jeep rather than ride a pair of skates because he is very skilled at singing as an expression of his mind! These mistaken beliefs had remained within me and outside my notice until now.

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