Wednesday, May 19, 2010


A. R. Rahman's music for the Bollywood/fiction film Jodhaa Akbar is considered by many a beautiful imagining of the musical culture/music flourishing during Akbar's reign in particular or the Mughal period in general. The lyrics of the music track titled Kehno ko jashne bahaar aa he, if my memory is serving me properly, are sung in the film by the legendary or historical vocalist Taansen (who was an employee of Akbar). The lyrics of Khwaajaa mere khwaajaa are sung in the film by two members of a dervish/Sufi group (who, the film may be wanting us to believe, came across the Mughal cum Rajput camp in the desert by chance since they lived a nomadic life). By the way, Akbar is shown to enter a divine-influenced state during that track in the film. I prefer to call it a photism, meaning the film's Akbar hallucinated that a divine light struck him. Moving on, read now that I considered some lyrics of the Azeemo shaan a shehenshaa unauthentic, that I considered them not belonging to Akbar's reign in particular. But I am probably wrong. I can't remember the other music tracks so I am going to stop writing now.

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