Friday, May 21, 2010


The fiction film Avatar is wrong about Earth's present or future being that of a "dying planet". The only death our planet can experience is absolute disintegration of its rocks, soils and magma. A bit like a star imploding or exploding. But a planet can become less favourable for life on and below its surface. The height of the Earth's oceans is increasing, which means that they will engulf/submerge certain lands that humans live on. So the noise about decreasing the rate of this change mainly has the human interest in mind. Conditions for other organisms that breath air rather than water shall also become adverse. But what concerns us humans more is the submerging of our villages, farms, fields, factories, towns, cities, beaches, roads, airports, and radiowave stations. So our planet is not "dying", it is becoming bad for some of us to live in.

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